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Sarah was drunk but not as bad, still she lay down next to Nita.Nita watched as her mother dipped the dildo in the jar and then worked it between her butt cheeks then spread her legs wide as she slipped it into her anus.In a few days, he stopped coming there and I felt super relieved.I will always be your slave.”Fuck.He chuckled, “Hell, I’ll never get tired of that.”‘Really… I haven’t come once yet’ she replied, looking intently into my eyes and smiling openly.She was used to that as they would find out.He’s such a generous and loving person, but he’s also very sensitive,” she observed.“Now go get that slut to suck you hard,” I told him.Even."She wondered if he planned to fuck her ass too, shuddering at the thought of another marathon anal assault.It boasted a unique clothes shopping experience for the adventurous woman.Young and beautiful, and that asshole Mitch still cheated on her.My thrusts grew harder and harder, the pleasure building and building in my b

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