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Alex will give you one more injection, but the second time around is less painful.I tied her up and gagged her, for the event in which she could awaken, and swiftly slipped back into the driver’s seat, taking off from the scene of the crime as fast as possible.First I needed a lead legal firm to cover my ass in case of any kind of assumed offenses against persons or institutions.Henry slid his hands down to his daughter's delicate thighs as she asked him to keep stretching her legs.And just to prove it, she lifted her skirt at the front to reveal a nicely trimmed bush.Adam was a smooth-talker.“Well, I’m just not… y’know, comfortable with that.” I answered, sounding kind of sheepish.But I was still coming on the dog’s tongue licking inside and out and down and up washing my lips, and I laid back again enjoying all this attention.“It tastes like the medicine I had to take when I was sick.”“Nope..”He ordered a daiquiri for him and a rum and Coke for me. If the margar

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